Basic Instincts;
the Sensory Dinner

il Fumo, together with Naturalista, presents “Basic Instincts; the Sensory Dinner” seeing us putting together New Portuguese food, live jazz band and natural wines, all at once, on Tuesday, 3rd July.


Music is a sensorial element that is undoubtedly the most overlooked aspect when it comes to a food-based pairing. Our event seeks to prove that a complimentary audio pairing can be accomplished by assigning a numerical value to specific components of food and/or beverages, then allocating a musical key of equal value to that food. 

Join Il Fumo and Naturalista to win back the 'Basic Instincts' that celebrate everything that makes us human. With Chef Nelson Amorim at the helm of the Il Fumo kitchen, Naturalista armed with Natural wines, and The Pong Nakorn Chai Quartet providing the musical journey, we’ve got every sensory facet covered to provide a platform for a dinner which is the first of its kind. Each course will be paired with different natural wine as well as different tone of music from live band.

For one night only, our head chef Amorim will present you 5-course dinner.  Expect dishes like Memory of Carabineros via Violet Prawn, Charcoal-grilled ‘Kokotxa’ of Bacalhau & Carbonara and Orange & salted caramel symphony. Paired with natural wines like Aphros Aether, Minho, Portugal 2014, Aldeya 'Dorondon' Chardonnay, Carinena, Spain 2015 and Domaine Felines-Jourdan, Picpoul de Pinet, France 2016.



Tuesday, 3rd July
3,700++ for 5 courses with natural wine paring


RSVP Tel. 02 286 8833, 097 170 6260 or